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Dark Lakes Paranormal​
​We are Dark Lakes Paranormal

Formed in the year 2016. We are a young team of experienced members. All together we have a total of 43 years of investigating under our belts.

What's new?

07/26/2018 ​​

Our first article is something to be pride of! And you best believe we are! Rick Belcher wrote a great article about us. Showcasing the knowledge and the balance between skeptical and believer. Thank you again, Rick. It means a lot.

Click here for the link!

07/24/2018 ​​

On July 24th, we investigated the Clark Lakes Community Center. An amazing location, with an incredible history. More to come soon!

06/24/2018 ​​

Today is we investigate Poasttown Elementary in Middltown, Ohio. Awesome location. With an amazing crew. Desiree might have even seen a full body apparition! Lucky!

05/11/2018 ​​

We have been making moves trying to get a stronger foot hold in the paranormal field. Advertisement being one of the key points. We have people wearing our attire and our logo is being driven on a few cars!

04/11/2018 ​​

On April 11th, we went back to Prospect Place Mansion for our second investigation. Expect a more detailed summary soon!

05/07/2018 ​​

On May 7th, we investigated an amazing location, Hill View Manor. This place gave us our best pieces of data to date. Expect a more detailed summary soon!

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